Every family is different, and every situation is different. What helps one person may not help the next. No one can ease the pain a person is feeling, but what others can do is take on other burdens. When a family is struggling through grief, small tasks of daily living can be difficult to complete. Thats where community support and awareness should come in.

      Cooking, cleaning, laundry, grocery shopping, mowing the lawn, are all just a few examples of things that family, friends, churches, and community can help with. These tasks may be done in the first week or maybe month, and thats a tremendous help, but what many don't realize is it takes longer than that for life to be relearned for the family. We understand that more time may be needed and can help with those tasks.

During the days of funeral planning, the home is bombarded by people. Food is stuffed in the fridge. Many dishes will be dirtied and the trash will fill many times. So we have "care packages" ready for those times. The care package includes some necessary items used during those days of planning and allows friends and family to more successfully help manage visitors.

Care packages may include:

-case of bottled water

-paper towels

-paper plates


-food storage containers

-ziploc bags

-garbage bags



-jump drive(to backup pictures immediately)


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