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About Amarah's Light

   Amarah's Light was created after a beautiful little soul was taken from this earth far too soon. When Amarah was tragically taken the world stopped and everything went black. Our family was left to navigate and survive in a world we had no idea existed. A world without our daughter, granddaughter, niece, and a world where her triplet sisters now have to live as "2" rather than "3". Our hopes, dreams, and fantasies of watching them grow up together all vanished. It truly felt like the lights went out, everything went black, and living in this world needed to be relearned.

We have forever been changed by this tragedy, but it is our hope that we can make something good come of our terrible loss by establishing this non-profit organization in memory of Amarah.


  Amarah was so loving, caring, and sensitive to others needs. She enjoyed meeting new people and was always there with a smile and hug when someone was sad. We want to share our story and our loss in an effort to ease some of the sorrow and pain experienced by families during their greiving process. Everyones story is different and the way we learn to cope may not be the same, but by sharing the same gentle and caring love Amarah taught us, we hope to make a difference for those grieving. We have to remember to put one foot in front of the other and to keep moving forward.



  Our family is so fortunate to have a community rally to support our healing process. The idea behind "Amarah's Light" is to provide that same warmth and comfort to other families and to provide just a little bit of light, while families experiencing grief learn to navigate their "new normal".

Through Amarah's Light we hope to offer support and encouragement to families with young children experiencing profound loss.


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